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Work From Home 2017 : Men-Women : Trusted Sites

Working from home or Freelance work might be most strong desire of most of us. Work from home is symbol of Earning money with freedom, independence , No pressure and flexibility. You can earn hansom money by clicking some pages, writing blog, article, contents, testing sites, taking surveys and many other ways.

Online work From Home

Normally people take work from home as get-rich quick scheme. Many websites represent them it is shortcut to get-rich-quick, so people often lured by such offers. If any website or company offers lucrative or unbelievable Income by doing very nominal work, it means that website or company tending to extort money from you.

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For Work from home jobs/projects you need normally a smart phone, computer, internet connection and most importantly Skills. So without wasting time today I am going to tell you 2 sites which pays you money for writing work.

I writer

I writer

What is it:

Iwriter is basically designed to make available Work from home for both type of writers,  beginners and professional. Best part of this site that beginners need not to bid on projects. They have opportunity to take projects of their interest directly and start writing. But beginners are called Standard writers on Iwriter and they paid very less then premium writers. No need to worry as you finish your first few jobs on Iwriter, it will promote you, and you will get high income for the same job.

How to Get It:

Simply go to site and Sign-up there. On the top you will see the option WRITE CONTENT, Click on that and many jobs will appear on your screen. First few jobs are of Elite and Premium writers. Scroll down little bit more then you will see the jobs for standard writers.
Before Write Article you should read Special Instruction carefully, after that if you find yourself fit for that writing content then click on Write Article. And yes read Carefully approval rate of the client. If it is less then 60%, try to avoid him.
Before your First writing work Iwriter take a grammar test. Test includes 15 Questions, no time limit. You have to give 14 answers right to take job. Simply open any grammar correction site in another tab and find the correct answers.

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What is It:

Freelancer is also a good platform for newbie’s. Many Clients post their writing related requirements on the site, same as Iwriter. But on Freelancer writers get higher income then Iwriter, Even if you are beginner too. So people prefer Freelancer more.

How to Get It: 

Procedure is again same, open the site and Sign-up first. Make a very Good Profile along with Portfolio.  In your Portfolio attach your previous works to get pay high. On Freelancer you need not to clear the test. This sites work on Biding system. Client post their jobs with minimum and maximum price amount, You can submit a quotation according to the job.
Here is a advice, if your are beginner then you should quote less price then others so you can find some jobs. These works makes your portfolio Strong. After few jobs you can quote on your condition.

For free package on freelancer you can bid on 10 jobs per month. Start with free.

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