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How to Make money with Fiverr 2016 : Easy and Dark Secrets

Beginners Strategy Step by Step to Money Make on Fiverr

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Fivver is International  Platform for freelancers. There are more than 3 million services listed in Fivver at a cost between $ 5 to $ 500. It is the marketplace for creative and professional services, basically, they are online outsourcing freelancers who want to work from home and earn money online.

Earn money online

Services offered on the site include writing and translation, graphic and design, video editing, web designing, voice over, logo designing, digital marketing, video and animation, music and audio and so on...

Gigs has been ranked at 9th place on Google Page Rank and Alexa ranking is 376. As you see it is one of the most trusted sites worldwide.


Fiverr is one of the best websites for beginners, start at $5 and can go up to thousands of dollars with every Gig. Each service offered is called a "Gig". It's two-sided marketplace, people who want to buy digital services can approach directly to freelance contractors directly.


How it works:

1.      Open an account on it's absolutely free.

2.      Mention your all Services/ Products in your Profile, you want to sell. It's called ‘Gig’.

3.      Now live your gig and wait for 1st client.

4.      As you get your first order, communicate with the client via Fiverr. Understand his requirements,      clarify your all doubts and strat work on that project.

5.      Complete the project and send to the client.

6.      As he received and will approve your work, your 1st project marked as completed in your profile.

7.      Now Fiverr keeps his 20% share of the profit and rest amount will be credit into your fiverr account.  For Example your charged $ 5 against your work, fiverr will keep it's 20% which is @ 1 and rest $ 4  will be transferred to your account.

8.      After 2 weeks of completion of the work, you can transfer the amount from fiverr account to your  account.

Direct to account

How I get Start:

1.      Identify your skills to make a gig.

2.      Search most popular gigs on fiverr and relate your gig under that category.

3.      Use simple and point to point language, mentioning exactly what are you providing.

4.      Research some popular keywords related your gig on google and fiverr also and put all those    keywords in your profile so people can find you easily.

5.      For reference read complete profiles of good earning service providers on fiverr so will get a better  idea of keywords. Short out some good keywords from there and put into your gig.

6.      Use photos and videos in your portfolio so clients can easily understand your work. You can make  few samples and upload there. Its very good way to show your skills.

Proper Design

Dirty Tricks to Earn Money easily:

Online earning and freelance work sounds really easy but it's really very tuff to get your first job by your own by showing some your commitments. If a client is paying $ 5 to anybody then why he will approach you if an experienced person charging the same price as you.


Here you can do something which is sort of Dark Secrets and feel very uncomfortable with it to tell you all. But its practical world and you don't play some dirty tricks then you can't get started. And everybody is doing the same things.

Dark Secret

So here I am sharing, Read carefully:

Make 2 to 3 other profiles from different mail ids on or you can use your friends, relatives as a prop for it.

From those fake profile place, order to your actual gig profile against $ 5 per service.
Now you get your first 2 to 3 jobs.

From fake profile rate your actual gig profile 4 stars or 5 stars and drop few very good short comments.

By this, your will saw good with star rating and when other clients open your profile they find that you have finished few jobs back, and read comments from your previous clients.

It makes them think that he is experienced guy and they can go with you. And place an order very easily to you.
Good at work

You lost only 20% of your money which is $ 2 to $ 3. ( that's fiver’s cut). Rest amount will be transferred to your account in two weeks.

Now your Profile is visible, anybody can place to you an order because you are experienced person now. And for this kind of advertisement you spend so less, practically you can say, Nothing.

But honesty is the best policy, so use this sort of trick on the final step, don't strat with it.

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